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Improve customer experience

Better visibility to customer experience through highly contextual and relevant surveys

Connect with your mobile audience

In-app surveys provide seamless user experience for your mobile audience

Highly relevant and contextual triggers

Trigger surveys based on certain events in-app

No code/seamless integration SDKs

Surveys are available in native SDKs for Android/iOS

Why Feeba?

Create personalized, on-brand surveys

Easily build surveys with a customer look and feel in your native App

Intelligent targeting

In-app surveys allow targeting specific actions or segments based on mobile metadata

Better analysis

In-app feedback coupled with rich mobile metadata allows for better visibility and improved decision-making

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Basic plan allows to integrate to dashboard and provide statistics up to  3 months

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Global Usage
Analytics Dashboard
Application integration
Send up to 100 surveys per month for free
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Enterprise platform allows to get access to unlimited accounts and unlimited days of dashboard data retention

Unlimited Accounts
Global Usage
Analytics Dashboard
Application integration
Unlimited days of data retention
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"Feeba allowed us to have much better visibility into our customers pain points"
- Akmal, CEO of Mytaxi

Feeba's dashboard and smart tagging allowed us to identify customers' pain points so that we can fix issues quickly

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